To attend our physical party, upload entries and vote in our competitions you need to purchase a physical party ticket.

To upload entries and vote in our competition online you will need an online ticket instead, which can be procured for free at the ticket site.

Physical Party Tickets

We’re very happy to continue with a physical party at Eggeby Gård in Stockholm!

475 SEK / 950 SEK

Sponsor Tickets

The easy way to become a sponsor, simply buy a sponsor ticket after contacting us for a sponsor agreement! The agreement entitles you to physical access to the party, logo exposure on this website and a main rotation slide on our big screen between compos.

6950 SEK

Online Party Tickets

Gain full access to the online party experience including submitting entries and voting!

FREE / 75 SEK / 150 SEK

I <3 Edison

I can’t attend in any form but love what you do! (buy multiple for even more love)

150 SEK