Edison 2023: Under the Sea

July 7th – 9th
Eggeby Gård, Stockholm, Sweden

This year’s Edison demoparty continues in full physical form and online!

There’s space for at least 150 sceners and multiple grassy outside areas for camping with tents.

On Friday we focus on our live duels and on Saturday all the compos you’ve come to expect.

We will broadcast the party for free and everyone’s heartily invited to socialize on Discord. We sincerely encourage you to participate in our compos. You create the party!

For any questions and sponsor proposals send an email to: crew@edisonparty.com



Since life is sweet here, we got the beat here, naturally!

Wiklund is a Swedish video game composer who started his musical journey in his bedroom in 2008, but has since peformed his music live over 50 times around the globe.

He started out playing around on his old dusty gameboys and later discovered the possibilities of other consoles when he became part of the demoscene.

Two great influences that shaped Wiklund’s music include 80s synthpop and other demoscene composers.

1st Newschool Intro at Edison 2022: Danger Donut by Zworp & Orreborre
1st Newschool Demo at Edison 2022: E22 by FCK
1st Oldschool Demo at Edison 2022: Predison Datamys 2022 by Trident
1st Animation & Video at Edison 2022: Back from Faerie by Alpha Rhythm and Dyrgrip